El Primero Día

I realized I was really here this morning when I woke and drew back the curtains in my room. I looked at the beautiful Costa Rican mountains that were spread out in the distance covered half by clouds that looked low enough to touch. Right below my window starts a wide scenery of very colorful houses with the tin roofs I’d always seen in movies. That was the perfect first look at Costa Rica! It took a little bit longer to get here than expected, but that 13 hour lay over in Florida gave 5 other students and I the opportunity to bond a little.  We arrived late around 2:00 am but my host family was awake and ready to meet me….with a Bocadillo(sandwich) too! My family speaks very little English so it’s really fun getting to use all of my spanish, it’s only been one day and I already hear myself thinking in Español. I am living with a man and wife, Ana y Walter. Their cute grandson is here sometimes named Sebastian and he is 5, and their other children come home frequently and they are all in their twenties so that’s fun.  After our breakfast of Huevos y Papayas our host Mom walked my roommate and I to the University to meet with the group.

We headed off on a big bus to “El Volcan Poas” the biggest active volcano in Costa Rica. We were especially grateful because the clouds moved for us so we could get a nice view. It was beautiful! I am sitting here unable to find words to explain how amazing the rolling green hills are that surround this country. So I will post a few pictures instead! Then we got to see the “Botas de Lagoonas” An older volcano that is no longer active that is now surrounded by luscious green vegetation.  Despues de (after that) we then had free time to hike through the cloudforest, or walk back down the mountain. Again I am at a loss for words…breathtaking. We all ate lunch and enjoyed fresh strawberries. We were in Alajuela one of the 7 Provinces of Costa Rica and they are known for their strawberries (Fresas).We then headed back down the mountain in the bus and worked our way through the windy roads. After heading back for about thirty minutes we stopped at a hummingbird botanical garden and got to see hundreds of hummingbirds flying around amongst beautiful Costa Rican flowers. Today was also one of the student birthdays so the directors surprised us with a big cake in the garden. We visited a few souvenir shops and then after a very filled day headed back to Heredia.

The semi finals are on for fútbol right now and the entire town is heated. Windows open, breeze blowing in my little blue room, with the sounds of excited Costa Ricans yelling for their team.  Couldn’t have asked for a better start to this adventure. I hope you all had a great Sunday as well.



Image“Botas Lagoonas”Image“El Volcan Poas”

Image  “Bosque Nuplado” (Cloud Forest)


7 thoughts on “El Primero Día

  1. Sounds amazing Sierra! So glad you are writing this blog so we can keep up with all you are experiencing on this great adventure.

  2. Love the blog and the pictures are spectacular!! I am so happy that you are enjoying all of God’s beauty. Love you, Nanny

  3. Sierra, its amazing and wonderful to hear from you. Sorry I was late with my reply to your Blog – out of the office all day yesterday. Enjoy, be safe and can’t wait to keep following your adventure my darling daughter! xoxoxoxo

  4. Wonderful. What an awesome way to start your journey of a life time. Enjoy, have fun and be safe. Love ya, God Bless you always.

  5. Sierra,

    You did very good posting. I can’t believe you went on a volcano! I bet it’s good to be in Costa Rica. How do you predict your trip? Have a great time!

    Your Evan

  6. I bet it’s great to be in Costa Rica. I can’t believe you went on top of a volcano!!!!!!!!!!? How do you predict your trip? Have a great time! I can’t wait to hear what you do tomorrow.

    Love, Evan

    1. Evan!! I know the volcano was crazy cool! How do I predict my trip? I predict it to be full of even more crazy cool moments! Evan you’d love Costa Rica, ill teach you Spanish and you can come here one day!
      Your Sierra

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