Muchas Cosas Nuevos

Todo esta muy bien!

Monday morning my roommate and I woke up for school. We got very lucky with our house location. We are able to walk to class in about ten minutes. My first couple of days have been great in school. The University is muy bonita, the classrooms are surrounded by windows. So we can see the mountains, volcanoes and rain from our desks.They also only use sunlight to light the classrooms here and it makes for a very nice setting to learn.

After class on Monday all of the students and I went to down town Heredia. They took us to the Centro Comercial (Market) and we had to bargain for fruta. It is a whole different world down in the Market, so many new sounds, and smells! We then got a tour of Heredia, it is the city of flowers, so you can imagine there are beautiful flowers everywhere. We visited the second oldest church in Costa Rica and got to see a few important places in history here. We then tried Costa Rican ice coffee and a lot of different fruits. Grandillas, Guanabanans, Pipa de aqua, y muchas mas. Then some friends and I left on our own to explore Heredia y despues (after) nosotros compramos cervezas!

Tuesday after class we rode the bus to Alajuela Costa Rica again and got to visit a very nice house. The back yard was amazing with hammocks, trees, and flowers. We went there for traditional Costa Rican cooking lessons. We sat outside and teachers taught us how to make various food.  I got to make the Chimmychurry, a mixture of rice, beans, diced tomatoes,onions, and mandarin Lime. It was delicioso and really gave us a taste of the culture!

Today was a free day so a few friends and I went down town again and explored. We shopped a little, practiced our spanish with the locals and then found a cool bar to grab margaritas. Now I just finished hanging out with my family, I had dinner with my host Dad and watched Novella with mi mama. I am so grateful for this host family they are so fun to be around and the conversation is easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to live with. I hope you are all doing well, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Una feliz Homegirl,






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2 thoughts on “Muchas Cosas Nuevos

  1. Love your latest blog. Your descriptions of life in Costa Rica are so descriptive and I almost feel I am there with you. I am so happy that you are enjoying your family and new friends. My love and prayers are with you, Nanny

  2. nice!!!!! … i love the new site! … gives a great view of your experience …. love it you little life seeker you … a world record was set yesterday … oldest man to ever climb mount everest at 80 !!! … still seeking and finding at 80 is very cool … welcome to your path, woot woot!! …

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