Pacific Paradise

So the journey continued! Thursday I went to school, and then after got to go to a high school a few towns over to help teach English. That was one of my favorite days so far. I got a whole table of 6,14 & 15 year olds to myself.  I worked with them for about an hour them talking in English and me only Spanish.  Afterwards we headed home for dinner and to study for our first exam the next morning.

Friday I took my Exam, I think I did well. Espero que si! (I hope so)
After the exam my roommate Jessica and I ran around town and I had an empanada for the first time since living  in Argentina! Oh my goodness why did I wait that long to have another one! It successfully rained lightly all day so I went for a jog around my neighborhood to enjoy it.

ImageMy Empanada!

Saturday we woke up early and headed to Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos Costa Rica! We drove 3 hours through immaculate continuously picturesque nature. I don’t know how to describe the shades of green and trees that I saw for the first time this weekend. It was the most alive earth I’ve ever seen. It was so beautiful! On the way we stopped to see crocodiles in the river. It was the #1 most inhabited area with crocodiles.


 We arrived at the beach and I swam around like a 7 year old seeing the beach for the first time. I hiked and saw iguanas, raccoons, sloths, and monkeys everywhere! I have never experienced a paradise like that. I felt like I could stand on that beach and stare out at that Pacific paradise forever. Palm trees swaying, coconuts knocking on the ground, monkeys swinging, water crashing and spanish flowing. This past saturday is a day I will hold on to forever. After the beach we all headed to dinner in down town Quepos and then off to watch the final futbol game! Which Heredia one!!!! Wooo!

Sunday was a free day so 4 other friends and I woke up at 4:45 to watch the sunrise on the beach, and surprisingly it was a full moon too. I explored the town, became friends with local ticans, swam more, shopped and successfully got enough sand in my suit to build a sandcastle.

ImageParadiseImageoooo oo ah ahh! ImageMantacuya MargaritaImageRainforest

Image4:45 am Beach under a full moon!

I just got home to my Tica House, the streets are lined with Heredia flags in windows and cars Everyone is honking and whistling through the streets about the big win! It’s crazy how quickly we can accommodate ourselves to a new life style. It’s only been 1 week and I am already so at home. My Tico mamma y papa feel like family to me and I am excited to have dinner tonight and tell them about the weekend. I miss you all and I hope you got to experience your own paradise this weekend.

Amor para Siempre,
(Love always)



12 thoughts on “Pacific Paradise

  1. Your blog is a travelogue of beauty and wonderful experiences. I am so very proud of you and love that you are having such a wonderful time. Love you so much Nanny

  2. Absolutely love the fact that you are soaking in all of the beauty ans wonder of your new surroundings, both nature and culture! We need to go back to Argentinaso you can truly appreciate the experiences you had 12 years ago.
    Love you,

  3. We love reading about everything. I’m so thrilled you are living this experience. I’m so proud of you.

  4. Ok Honey this ROCKS! What a journey of memories!!! I loved talking to you and meeting everyone one on the phone last night how fun. I hope the pizza and mac & cheese were a hit for your roommate. I adore empanadas especially fresh ones, so enjoy. Give my best to your sweet family there and thank them again for taking such good care of my precious girl. PS. Stay away from the crocks & bright green & yellow frogs!! xoxoxo MOM

    1. Sierra, I know you have had some great adventures in your lifetime but this has got to be one of the most beautiful! That is what all the other countries dream of! You are so darling and I am glad you are making the most of every minute there. I’ll bet the Spanish/English lesson was great fun.

      Thanks for all the pictures and I look forward to your mother forwarding me more!!
      Always with love and light, Carolyn

  5. Love reading your blog…keep ’em coming! You are so fortunate to get to have this awesome experience!

    We like living vicariously through you!


  6. Your blog is outstanding–I look forward to reading it!! I am so proud of you and so happy that you are enjoying all these new experiences. Love you tons,Nanny

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