Don’t go Chasin’ Waterfalls

I know TLC said not to chase waterfalls but this weekend I did and it was incredible. Saturday the group and I headed to Fortuna Park here in San Carlos Costa Rica. We hiked through the jungle to un buenisima water fall. The jungle had these ancient stairs that led you through the trail and down to the falls, it made me feel like I was on my way to find treasure. There were Toucans flying above and trees towering above you, once again Costa Rica rendered me speechless. The waterfall was better than I could have imagined. It was so powerful, majestic and took my breath away.



After the waterfall the group and I headed over to the Hot Springs in San Carlos. There were 12 pools each with varying temperatures. That was really nice after a long day of hiking in the jungle.

Hoy, we woke up early and walked to town to enjoy the day. It was really nice because the first Sunday in June every year the town of Arenal decorates the streets with flowers and sand to celebrate their church. Thousands of petals were placed carefully to form intricated designs in the street! The town of Arenal is also right below the Arenal Volcan! So the entire weekend wherever we were we could look up and see it. Es increíble!

IMG_4405              Decorated StreetIMG_4461

IMG_4481my homegirls Alysha and TaylerIMG_4502

La semana pasada (this past week) I finished Spanish 3, took my Final, and 2 oral exams. Taking 2 courses in 4 weeks is crazy! But being surrounded by Spanish constantly helps a lot. On Tuesday we got to go to a Toucan Rescue Ranch and saw monkeys, sloths, toucans,and my favorite a duck named Ralph. Aka, the tour guide! We explored more and found a few cool places to study! On thursday we ventured into San Jose  toured the National Theatre, and saw a Comedy Show about Costa Rican Mamas!

20130530-103042.jpg20130530-103054.jpg20130530-103104.jpgLos Animales en El Tucan Rancho

Right now I am sitting at the kitchen table with my Tica family watching TV while I write to ya’ll. I hope you all had a great weekend as well! Spanish 4 starts in the morning, here we go!

Buenas Noches,



4 thoughts on “Don’t go Chasin’ Waterfalls

  1. Hi Honey, its look just fantastic and how wonderful to be somewhere that just takes your breath away. I love this blog and seeing everything you do and experience. We miss you but I thank God everyday that you are making such wonderful memories and plans for your future! Give your sweet Costa Rican family all my best wishes, say hi to the girls and I love you honey so very much. PS. Been accumulating things for you at the house that should make you smile! Take care, be safe and feel my arms around you every day! Love & Kisses, The Momma

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