Forward my Mail to Jaco (Hocko)

Forward that mail…i’m not kidding. Jaco Costa Rica is the ultimate explanation of tranquillo. This town knows how to live. This weekend I took the bus from San Jose to Jaco Costa Rica with 4 other friends. We booked a hotel and enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. The town is filled with all kinds of people. The owner of one of the coffee shops is from Canada and he had been there for 7 years. The local tattoo artist was from New York and never left after a vacation to Jaco. This town is full of bicycle riding surf board holding peaceful friendly people. Sipping smoothies and happily living there lives in this small beach town.



My friends and I swam, ate at local fun restaurants, explored and tried out some of those new dance moves we learned last week.

My favorite part of this weekend was the people. I explored Jaco for hours on saturday talking to locals and getting to know the town. I love the environment of this town, it’s a laid back surfer style atmosphere. Beautiful flowers were everywhere and Iguanas scattered the hotel grounds. This town took my breathe away and I can’t wait to go back.


ImageWalking to the mall with my Tico Parents

ImageEven Jaco trees are cool!

If you need a get away research Jaco Costa Rica!

I hope you all have a safe and happy week!




One thought on “Forward my Mail to Jaco (Hocko)

  1. Loved your latest blog about Jaco–the photos are wonderful. I am so happy for you and know you will have many happy memories. Love you lots,Nanny

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