Solmates para Siempre.

photo-1 Tico MamaphotoMy Final Drama Group!

This was the last week for our Sol Costa Rica Program. We had our usual school schedule with final Exams. I am happy to say I got an A in both courses. This week everyone spent a lot of time hanging out together. We explored the last parts of Heredia and got to tour the Britt Coffee Plantation. The number one coffee in Costa Rica! Last night was our final banquet dinner. We went with our families  and enjoyed a Costa Rican band with dinner and dancing. I don’t know how explain the relationships I have built with this wonderful group but I am sure you all can recall a time when you made really close friends that you could quickly call family. I can without any doubt say that this experience and these wonderful friends have changed my life. This study abroad experience has definitely been the best decision I ever made and will forever be with me. I am so happy that the group is all from the same University because if not I’d be spending a lot of money on air fare this year. I didn’t like having to say goodbye last night but luckily it was really only a goodbye to hanging out in Costa Rica because I’ll see them all in two weeks.

As all of my new friends board planes today Costa Rica feels a little different. This morning I am packing my back pack for the upcoming week. I decided to stay here a little longer. School is out and now I have a chance to do something I often dream about. Back Pack! I am going explore Costa Rica a little more before I come back to the States. First stop Monteverde!

To all my Solmates,  I love you guys thank you for an amazing month. You all have made an impact on me and I miss you already. Each of you hold a special place in my heart. Can’t wait to see you at TSU! Fly safely! Pura Vida Amigas!ImageImageThe Man who makes all of this happen. Mr. MartinezImageMy class

This wraps up the SOL abroad program, I am so glad you all enjoyed my blog and I hope you felt a little Tican while seeing Costa Rica through my eyes!

Adios Amigos me voy, Pura Vida!

Sierra Wilmot


Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you. Shout out to the guy that gave me my charm and my guns.



2 thoughts on “Solmates para Siempre.

  1. Loved the last blog and the photos. It is so obvious that this has been an outstanding experience for you. I am so happy and proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you very soon, Love Nanny

  2. What an amazing adventure this has been for you. I am extremely happy and proud of you. This experience will be something that will stay with you forever. I am so glad that you picked this route to venture out to Costa Rica to further your spanish learnings, but most importantly to accomplish doing something you love. I can’t wait to see you back in the states and hear all about your experiences, extended family, and most of all, speak spanish with you. 🙂
    May God be with you always, especially as you venture out on your own. See you soon.

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