Trials or Treasures

Trials or Treasures

Woke up this morning, healthy and fine,
so I decided to go to the river
and take a dive.
Fought the current for a little workout
and then headed home,
to shower no doubt.
While driving
down the parking rows,
feeling my heart rate
 begin to slow.
Muscles beginning to feel sore
a car came out and
ran into my drivers side door.
Surprised but not hurt
I assessed the scene
gathered information &
called the insurance companies.
Ten minute crisis
diverted and solved
reminded me that all things
can and will in some way get resolved.
Life is to short
to stress and worry
just follow the process, don’t be in a hurry.
Stay calm and collected,
I guarantee the outcome will work out better than expected,
or the lesson that follows can be positively reflected.
Like, just last week I had my first flat
decided to go for it
and try to fix it on my own,
when a nice gentleman pulled over
and help he did loan. Notice the way life reaches out, 
even though it may cause your plans to re route.
 Life will send you
the help you need
just keep your eyes open
and be thankful indeed.
All those hanging pieces
will find their place and their way
And life will keep sending you,
new lessons for a new day.
These things that come up
our patience and mind they do measure, but I think these trials 
are actually treasures.



One thought on “Trials or Treasures

  1. Sierra, I am sorry about your accident this morning. Your poem and description of your day is outstanding and touching at the same time. I am so proud of you and your ability to look life in the eye and not fold up when difficulties hit. God bless, Love Nanny

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