What I learned from a Dog

art of racingSitting at one of the local coffee shops here deciding that studying for my Rhetorical Criticism class can be put off a few minutes while I type out a blog.

I recently read a book called “Art of Racing in the Rain.” By Garth Stein. It is a beautiful, wise, soulful book that you can read and re read for the rest of your life. It taught me new wisdom and became one of those books that I can count on to bring me back if I feel lost. This book explained some things that a lot of us already know but do not always remember. So I will tell these things to you in case you need a little reminder!

One of the main points of the book is this….”That which we manifest is before us.” It’s that simple, your life is in your hands. What you want to do, where you want to go, is all up to your own creation. When you sit at home sad that you did not get asked  to hangout by anyone. You are manifesting this poor mood and your own negative day. And you are doing that all on your own. No one has the power to “make” you feel anything. You do that to yourself. So wouldn’t you rather manifest positive thoughts and create a better day. This also goes for goals as well, what do you want to manifest, good grades, a travel experience, a new relationship? Well get to it, it’s all up to you.

Another point made by the narrator (which is a Dog in this book), is that “where our eyes go, we go” Another simple but easily forgotten point. Where do your eyes take you. Where are you headed. Put your eyes in the direction you want to go, and see those that you want to see. I know when I think about what I want to see, cheesy as it may sound, its beauty. I want to find the beauty in everything. Even the hard times because they bring forth beauty too. Whether its change, a new lesson, or a new perspective.  A lot of the things you see can easily be transformed into beauty depending on the way you choose to perceive whats happening around you.

This book is definitely one of my favorites now, a deeply wise dog that translates life lessons humorously. If you realized or were reminded everyday that you are the artist of your own painting or that your story is written with your own hands. Would you change anything? If someone followed you around with a journal and wrote down your own thoughts and actions on a new page everyday. What would you do? Would you keep your job, would you get rid of your insecurities? Would you work harder to put your happiness first? If what I manifest is before me then the possibilities are limitless. Don’t let the judgements of another, push you in any way. Each person walking this earth is creating their own painting on their canvas, and is writing their own story. Their judgments are based solely on their experience which is completely irrelevant to you and your experience. Your life is one hundred percent separate from theirs. You came from a different family, and your family raised you based on lessons they learned when they were growing up, in another completely different family. From the moment you were born your own life became uniquely different from every other person on this planet. So why let them mess with what your trying to manifest.

“What you manifest is before you.”

So start manifesting wherever you are, a desk, a cubicle, a coffee shop, it’s all up to you. Today is a new day.

Stepping off her soap box,

Sierra Wilmot

ImageGo get it!


4 thoughts on “What I learned from a Dog

  1. Sierra, thank you for splashing some cold water in my face. We let life toss us around like a leaf in the wind, then wonder why we ended up lost. Let the manifest begin!

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