The Gift of Friendship

A blog about friends. Sitting here I realize that I have a lot of people in my life I enjoy spending time with. Each one special in a different way. We have friends that we do certain things with. Our concert buddy, our bar buddy or the one we call just to talk. As I get older and have now transitioned through one move in life I have come to understand that friends don’t stay. And I don’t think they are meant to. I think some stay and you share a special bond that each of you mutually work to keep, but that work is easy, simply because you really enjoy that person. Others I think come in to your life because we are meant to help and teach each other. Sometimes those friendships fade and it can feel sad but yet nice to know that, that relationship served its purpose. As a third year student at Texas State I have made some very special friends that I can’t imagine my life without. I know that logically I will probably keep a couple college friends as my life changes after graduation. And thats okay, I find peace in knowing that my life was full of joy with each new friend and that this chapter of my life will always carry beautiful memories. Friendships will end, friendships will fade, but they all carry meaning and will stay with you even if that friend doesn’t. The Universe brings people in and it takes people out but everything is done with your best in mind. I recently realized that it is important to remember that even through fights or disappointments each friend you have is living a life that is completely their own. They are learning and growing just as I am, and we are helping each other. So enjoy the people you surround yourself with. Embrace the ones that bring you joy and tell them what they mean to you. Be quick to forgive,  life moves fast and you never know whats around the corner. Aristotle says, ” Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Embrace your friendships, remember them as they fade, and love the ones that you hold on to as your seasons change and your chapters turn. Friendship is one the most significant gifts in life, hold those souls with care.

Sierra Wilmot










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