Morning Rant

This morning I woke up and while laying in bed decided to check my Facebook on my phone. As I scroll down the feed lazily I come across a comment made by a friend that said, “Judge sets hearing for Texas Same Sex Marriage Case”, and he wrote underneath that comment. “You’re joking right?” Now that alone is saddening but everyone is entitled to their own feelings towards same sex marriage so it is what it is. Below his post there were 102 comments made in the last hour by 4 or 5 people arguing politically and religiously that same sex marriage is a sin, isn’t a sin, should be allowed, and shouldn’t be. What marriage means, and what a civil union is. Hell these people were arguing about all of it. Agreeing with one another on some topics and disagreeing with others. One man said he was a satanist, one girl claimed she was Christian but to me was acting more as if she wrote the book herself. While another man said that the Christian girl needed to check her facts. Why I read all of this, at 9:30 I guess it was curiosity or entertainment, probably both. I didn’t comment on the post after reading all the comments because I honestly didn’t know what words I could form into a sentence that these Facebookers would understand. Sitting here I wish I could write something on that post that would push them to open there minds, think and come to an easy mutually understanding. But I am not sure such a sentence exists.

I wonder what Jesus himself would comment on that post if he had a facebook of his own. Would he say anything at all? Would he tell them to stop talking, and allow him to handle what the world is doing? It makes me sad when I see people arguing over what is right spiritually, and what is wrong. Calling people sinners, while, in just calling someone a sinner aren’t you doing that very thing, “sinning.” But I am sure someone could argue that point both ways. It is clear that people are disagreeing in this society. On matters of creation, death, behavior, lifestyle, etc. Simply can’t we all just live amongst one another with respect for the interpretations of all. If the laws are changing and the society you live in is doing things you disagree with than just choose to be apart of the “parts” in society you prefer. If someone is marrying a same sex partner and it bothers you, than you are going to have to deal with those emotions you are inflicting upon yourself. They are marrying the same sex partner, not you. So you can still live the same life you were living and let them be. In every religion and spiritual philosophy there is a common theme. And that is love. So simply put, just love. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love the earth, just love. And if you hate that idea. That’s cool, because you are you, and that means “you” can think, feel, believe whatever you like. Everyone is on there own path and we are all moving on this planet together. Each random passerby you see is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries, and inherited craziness. With problems, and struggles, and different ways in dealing with life’s ups and downs. So let it be. BE you, be happy, and choose to live this life how you see fit. What others think about what you are doing is up to them and you can choose to take that knowledge however you like. This life is truly a matter of your own perception.

Happy living,

Sierra Wilmot



2 thoughts on “Morning Rant

  1. Here Here!!Live your own life without judging others or inflicting your life perceptions on them without respect for the fact that you yourself have no basis from which to see or understand their life as experienced through their eyes. Make your own choices such that they will not reflect negatively on others and then accept the reward or consequences graciously.

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