Different Brains Different Ways

I’ve been learning a lot this Junior Year about Communication. It is my major so I have been taking more advanced classes in that subject but also have had some experiences that brought me to some new conclusions. I have come to understand that not all communication will be perceived the way you hope it will. Sometimes you can have great intentions but your message still can be received in a different way. At first this thought was overwhelming. How do you make sure that what you are trying to say is received correctly? It’s to much to think about.

Well there is at least one easy way to try. Ask. Repeat what you heard the person say back to them. Make sure you have it right. This can save a lot of hurt feelings. I can think of multiple times that I witnessed friends, family and myself experience this miscommunication battle. It can lead to a lot of sad drawn out conflicts that could have been handled in a much easier more effective way.

I think it’s also important to note that everyone receives message differently and its not their fault. We are all products of our environments. So if a friend of yours reacts badly to something they’re not crazy. Their mind is just working differently then yours. Don’t judge people for how often they feel things. If one friend sees her friends on Facebook having fun and she feels left out, but you see friends on Facebook and don’t. Then neither is right or wrong. Your minds are just operating differently. I am sure you could trace these traits back to developmental years. Family up bringing, maybe a conflict in elementary school. Who knows, but the bottom line is that no way is correct over another. Don’t hold that over them, instead maybe practice patients and accept that we are all rare people and we are the way we are. That’s it.

Be careful with your communication. Give yourself time before you react or respond to situations. Be calm and be conscientiousness¬†of how the person you are talking to could receive your message. Take action to make sure that everything is understood for both people. Be confident in yourself and stand up for what you believe but also be accepting that others may never see things the way you do. It’s life. Conflicts aren’t something we look forward too but they help us grow in new ways. There is always a bright side to experiences like this and it’s called knowledge.

-Sierra Wilmot



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