Not Litter Friendly…

This morning when I was walking to the bus a girl walking in front of me dumped all her trash on the ground. She just threw it. A wad of 4 or 5 napkins. Where only one of these had been used. She then turned around to see if anyone had seen her. When she saw me she quickly turned around, most likely embarrassed. I didn’t say anything to her. Honestly, I didn’t really know what to say. “Why did you do that?” Could’ve been appropriate, but I like to pick my battles…and was also at a loss for what I could say in the next minute to change her habits and open her mind a little. Really though, I wanted to ask her if she was serious. But no, I know there are people that don’t treat this planet as they should. Simply because they weren’t brought up to or don’t fully understand the capacity that their small actions have on our world.

Easily put, I always say love. That includes the physical aspects of the world too. That means the planet itself. Come on people. If only we all treated our Earth like we treat our own homes…This is YOUR HOME, take care of it. Use one paper towel in the restroom not 4. This might sound crazy to some but you don’t need all of those. Shake your hands after you wash them. Then grab a paper towel, just one will work perfectly. That would save a huge amount of our worlds waste. According to TLC, paper towels accumulate to over 3,000 tons of waste a day.

By no means am I saying that I am the best at recycling, or conserving resources but I try to do what I can. Be conscientious of what you are doing and how it could impact those around you. The easiest thing to do by far is to put your trash in a trash can. They are everywhere.

Not litter friendly,

Sierra Wilmot




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