Listening vs. Hearing

Throughout the past year I have come to realize that something so simple can be easily forgotten.
So many times I think we catch ourselves listening to others, which is a great thing to practice. But we listen to their opinions and allow them to influence us. Not that this alone is a bad thing. Just a little tricky. For years I think I looked up to the people around me and learned what it was they thought was right or wrong. Or what they liked in people and didn’t like, and I used these conversations to understand what was potentially good or bad. Now almost 22 years old I am beginning to understand that this key concept is way under appreciated. We should first, listen to ourselves. I wish when I was born I could have somehow communicated what I held in my heart at the most core and basic sense. Without worldy influence, what did my soul care about. I think then we would all have a better grasp on our selves and the world around us.

Interesting thought for the day. Listen to yourself. What is it you like? Love? Enjoy? What do you think? Before we learned what others thought, what first did you want? In a marriage, a job? A relationship?

I am not discrediting the beauty that is collaboration. I think a team can accomplish more than a single individual. Listening to others and potentially broadening your spectrum is also very important. But maybe as we grow older we learn to listen to ourselves and then openly hear and try to understand others. Knowing that the two are completely separate things.

Now, on with the day!





3 thoughts on “Listening vs. Hearing

  1. So true. We should always listening to what our inner self is telling us. Everyone will have opinions. They are entitled. But do we need to agree, no. Respect, depends on the opinion. Always hear, but choose what important to listen to.

    1. Dede, I had no idea you followed this blog. I love your comment, & as always I am so grateful for you and the way you see the world.I can’t wait to see you again. Respect depends on opinion. I love that. Thank you xoxo

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