The ticking clock…

Six months until graduation, well practically five. There are questions that no matter how many times I mull them over and seem to settle them, they keep returning. Sometimes I wonder if these questions are unique to me and my individual experience or are they the same questions of most.

Corporate world or not? United States or not? To travel and work while becoming a local in another culture? Or to go home and stay with family until I gain a profitable position? In Texas, there is Dallas, Austin and San Antonio that peek my interest. In the U.S I am drawn to Colorado, and Florida (for bilingual opportunities). I see the potential in all of these options and I see optimism in following each path. Why though is it so hard to pick one option? Why is my mind always searching for the next opportunity? There are opportunities right in front of me always, in San Marcos alone I have a loving boyfriend, community and multiple areas to explore. San Antonio and Austin are but a half hour away as well as Fredericksburg and Perdenales Falls close by. Family is only 255 miles North and this city is booming with fun people and adventure.

But, yet here I am on a Sunday trying repeatedly to calm my mind and live only in the present as my blogs have taught before. “Be here now”, “Enjoy San Marcos”, “It will all work out”, are common mantras that I repeat. Still though the next chapter begs to have a prologue, and work to make a decision I try.

At 22, I feel that the world is my oyster. I am young enough for the next 6 years to be considered for temporary position visas in other countries. I have saved enough to get myself situated in new locations. I see the joy in small town work and also see the potential in the big corporate gigs. I see light in every new direction.

I suppose all of these thoughts can give us one general explanation. I am a seeker. Do seekers ever stop, do they ever settle in one place happily not dreaming of the next move. Maybe, but I’m sure they don’t do that any where near 22. Am I right or am I right!

Nevertheless, I will continue my daily cycle of job seeking, thought repeating, planning, and dreaming. Until eventually, one day, I will encounter an opportunity, and it is fortunately on one of those days where I am the least indecisive. Lets hope. Fingers crossed.

So my few subscribed readers I know by the time I cross that stage I will post a picture of my newly graduated self and I will type to you what I am seeking next. Any ideas, advice or kind words of encouragement are always welcome below.

Love you all

Seeker Sierra



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