Talking With An Alien

I gazed up
as I heard a loud roar,
saw a light shining through two
sliding doors.

Hovering above me
was a spaceship in flight
Is this real?
Is this real life?

I started to feel
my feet leave the ground,
stunned and confused
I fought the urge to
look down.

No one near
no one to hear me scream,
I let the force pull me through
this bright shining beam.

As I ascended into a large metal
danger, I didn’t assume

There was a man
or at least that’s what appeared
that’s the costume
I suppose he volunteered

A chair rose below me,
and scooped me in
quickly I felt my
thoughts and feelings begin
to spin.

The alien too
now sat in a chair
and he put his hands in his lap
as if to say a prayer

Graciously he opened reassuring my thoughts
and slowly my stomach was empty of knots

I felt at peace
this ship it was kind
I felt my mind
begin to unwind

A conversation he said
thats all I seek
your planet to us,
it seems so unique
we are already
thrown by your fascinating physique

Traveling is where we’ve been
all of the galaxy
we have been within.

We need a place
to stop and rest
can you tell us why Earth
is the best.

Wondering why me?
Sitting here without a clue
I began to give him Earth’s debut.

You see I come from a place
full of life,
oceans, mountains, rivers and love
but not all days
have all of the above
I mean sort of
it depends on who you are
nature is there

and happiness lives
but it matters on your perspective
and how you give.
Earth is selfish
and Earth is kind
but the majority are concerned with
what they can call “mine.”

We have the resources for growth
and knowledge
I myself am in college
but these resources
you must first
and then
work to shape
in your mind
deep in
your heart

from the inside
the peace Earth has
in you resides
but most people are stuck on the outside

This place can bring you joy
but like a storm
can destroy

we cherish
family, friends
and laughter
we dream of getting
our happily ever after
only to fight over where we will go
like “here after.”
We argue over religion, origin, and creator
over which team, athlete or place
is greater

We have war

killing and hate
pain in the world
that not even the best medicine can sedate.

But deep down
we are all wired by love
so underneath all the mess
is something to be proud of
something you will be happy to meet
a feeling that will make you feel
Earth is love
full of compassion
truth and fun

you just have to be a visitor
that can see the beauty
under the sun.

He gazed at me
and reached out his hand
shaking mine
he said, I understand.
You,  come from a wonderful
That my planet
was a place he’d like to see
from oceans to mountains
and the space in-between.

He said in his travels
he’d learned a great deal
but most important
is to find your own
truth that is real.

We can’t listen
to others and soak in what they say
changing and making you different
by day.

We can learn
we can grow
guidance by others won’t be a foe

Optimism is key
and the ability to be…

To let your soul soar
through every feeling
thought and more.
Open every door
live this life
and seek to be better
be the best you
and then Earth to
will be better.

Love, love, love just like you say,
everyday, close up and far away.

Like words carved in stone

I tattooed his words in my brain
in my head they are stained
to remain
for the rest of my days.

Reading my mind
he smiled and said,
it was so nice to speak with you
my name is Ted.
Sierra, I smiled
as my chair slowly sunk
and I rose to my feet.
The door slid open and my heart
skipped a beat
he waved as I descended and I knowingly smiled
said he’d come find me one day
after he explored for a while.
I agreed and wished him the best

and before I knew it
my stomachs plummet was the test
as I started down
feeling the gravity
draw me to the ground.

I looked up as the ship
blitzed away
off into the galaxy
far far away
I looked around and walked back towards
my car
shaking my head
gazing out far.

Was that real

I feel so….
so enriched
like me and a movies
plots where just switched

I knew in that moment
after my decent
100 percent
that the content
that I learned
would forever stay with me, push me to yearn.
That I would share these teachings
for everyone to learn.
In each and every way
and to always
walk in love
every day.

-Sierra Wilmot


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