20 Something Syndrome

You know what? There is nothing wrong with not knowing what on Earth you are doing. I mean I kinda know….but I’m halfway in between certainty and downright confusion. I am 22, working as an Office Engineer for a wonderful construction company. My long thought out dreams of traveling, that image of a young woman hair flowing, backpack wearing, on top of a mountain some where gazing out at the world still plays through out the day. BUT here I am feeling like I am right where I am meant to be, but always on the verge of walking out the door and straight to REI to buy boots and back pack. I call this the 20 something syndrome.

“You have to plant seeds before you can pick the flowers.”

I have been properly diagnosed…by myself..and yes, I have it. So I tell myself to *freaking shut up* because right now I am in an unbelievably good place. I have a company supporting me, yes, it may take up 55 hours a week but I am gaining experience…invaluable experience. At 22 starting a 401K with a savings account and health benefits might not seem like the keys to a happy life, but its up there. Vacation time is short but give yourself a couple years of hard work. I just finished school and I feel like now, I deserve a break, I think that has been the hardest part about graduating and working right away..home girl wants a little breather. But it will come soon enough and I will be covered under health insurance, have money to travel leniently instead of dollar to dollar and then if I wish, I could leave my job and pick up another one easier because of my experience. 1-2 years they say 3-5 years they say…well if you want to move anywhere, and a live a care free, stress free from finances life. You can get a new job in new cities fairly easily with a resume to show for your hard work and positive influence on a company. We may hate to admit it but the corporate world is a foundation to grow on. The benefits the opportunities. May not be your dream job right away but you have to plant seeds before you can pick the flowers. You feel me?

So here I am being optimistic and positive about starting my career. The world is spinning. The stock market is shifting. And I am 22. Lets see what the next 8 years have in store. I see change and beauty on the horizon. And more bills…….Welcome to the Adult World little padiwon 🙂 Lets do this!

I would just like to say thank you to my family for your listening ears and wonderful advice during my pin ball machine, talking in circles last couple of months. I love you.


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