It has been a while since I wrote here. I think about it often but the time goes faster than I can keep up sometimes. This new chapter since post grad has taught me a lot. One thing is for sure I will never doubt my ability to adapt and persevere.

If we stay here, if we keep going

the season will continue to change…

In the midst of these 65 hour work weeks I have felt at times like I have lost myself but also, found new parts of myself. Each day bringing more progress with my Spanish and even more progress with my professional understanding.

I bought a camera; that has been really fun to explore. I haven’t played with tools like these since high school. A nice escape from the daily grind. That and a Cello! Yes, that’s right a freaking Cello. It has been something I have been wanting to try for a while but kept pushing off. Now playing/ feeling guilty for not playing because….(refer to 1st sentence of paragraph 2) Working on that…/did you know Cello lessons are really expensive… $70 and hour expensive! HOW! Youtube “cello lessons” it is then!

I found my new favorite cupcake recipe. Root Beer Float Cupcakes. Vanilla Cupcake with Root Beer flavored Icing. Like an explosion of flavor but not too overwhelmingly sweet.

Murphy is still doing great, everyday she warms up more and more. Her latest thing, chasing her tail and learning to sleep out of her cage. Recently turned 1 on 12/10 a date chosen by putting pepperoni on a calendar and letting her eat which date she wanted.

Matthew and I are doing great. So grateful for his support during this new season in my life. He’s been a shoulder when I needed one. A chef, a maid, and a bartender. What more could a girl need?

59 more days until substantial completion on my team and I’s project. TACC office at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus in North Austin.

A brief little moment of my current thought stream.


If we stay here, if we keep going

the season will continue to change.

and like the leaves,

some parts will fall

and the colors will rearrange.

Some roots will die

like flowers do,

but they will r e g r o w

to be f r e s h and n e w.


Hope you are all feeling well this January!


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