Seeking Advice from Others vs. Seeking it from Ourselves.

I have this new perspective on consulting and listening to my peers.

As we seek advice from others we are either going to do 1 of 2 things. Take the advice, or not take the advice.

Sometimes I wish “advice” wasn’t a word we knew.

First,  I think it is important to note that everyone’s advice is simply colored by their experiences so how credible really is one persons advice over another. If you asked someone if whether or not you should move to a foreign country for a year and they themselves have done that I suppose they would be a credible source. BUT that person may have hated the experience because they only went for higher pay with a company they disliked. While another person may have been a yoga instructor on a beach in Thailand with a scuba instructing boyfriend and her experience may have been the complete opposite. All important factors to weigh in on a persons advice and its influence on you. BUT most importantly I don’t think anyone can ever tell you what you should do. Sometimes I wish “advice” wasn’t a word we knew. We let others lives dictate our own even though we know full heartedly the best person to seek advice from is ourselves. I know though that sometimes when we seek advice its not as much advice we are seeking and more validation. Validation in our choices, decisions and sometimes we just need to hear ourselves talk it out. I have been trying lately to only listen to my internal advice. What do I want vs. what do all the people around me think is best. It will never be silent so you have to practice the art of not letting others experiences influence your own. How many times have opportunities come up but you’ve let them slip away because someone said “Oh no don’t do that, don’t go there or I wouldn’t if I were you…” I think the best way to drown this out is to constantly remind yourself that they are only speaking from their own personal diary. If we think of everyones individual life as a book they have written themselves how likely would you be to go check that book out from the library and seek advice from it. Probably not so likely. So I have been trying to think of everyones advice much like that. Why do I need to ask someone else if they think I should do “A” or “B”. What will asking them do for me? That is what I have been practicing lately. I will write down exactly what my thoughts are first. What does Sierra want to do and then I may consult someone else but not before I have looked at it only from my perspective first. When I do consult someone else I am making it a habit to not take it too seriously. Like I said, their advice is only coming from one source, their own personal novel. Don’t you want your novel to be a bit more original…write the pages with you own words and not the words of someone else’s. I think as humans we are constantly growing more confident in ourselves as we develop and age.. So if we take a leap without consulting our peers for validation and advice we may grow more confident in ourselves simply for taking a chance on following our own thoughts and not someone else’s.  I think going for things even when others tell us not to sometimes adds resistance and makes us hesitate. The only thing that can come from all of your lives decisions is more growth, so there really isn’t a reason to hesitate. The experience on you, as an individual is exponentially positive if you make it that way. You really have nothing to lose. So don’t take anything too personally, don’t worry so much about how others will feel about what you decide to do and go do it. Everyone else is more focused on their own book they’re writing and not yours. So go write yours and let theirs be your neighbor on the shelf over. We manifest what is before us always.



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