Left Job (Check) Now, time for a break in Colorado.

In the past when I felt like I just had no idea what I was doing it seemed to be at a time where luckily my family was taking a trip or soon to be taking a trip. So, in knowing that when I get away I often find more space to breathe and think….What better way to do that then an 11.5 hour drive. I decided to hit the road for Salida Colorado. Never having driven that far by myself I loaded up my car with all the essentials, coffee, pull and peel twizzlers, a PB&J or 2 and a 4 gallon tank of extra gas just in case the desolate country roads didn’t have enough gas stations. I set off on Saturday around 6 AM and got into Salida around 4 PM Mountain Time.

My best friend Alysha lives there and it was so amazing to see her. Over the next 3 days we visited breweries, made little clay hearts to hand out in Salida, caught up, went rock climbing, hiked, I visited my Aunt and Uncle, and last but not least my favorite activity snowboarding.


Word to your mother. Falling down hurts WAY more now that I’m a little older. It had been 3 years since I hit the slopes and I was definitely not equipped with the proper hip protection! I did however manage to make a few friends out there that I snowboarded with all day so very thankful for those fast friendships and a day spent not riding alone! With sore bones and aching arms I headed back to Alysha’s in need of a drink and a hot shower. I started to pack my stuff into my car and clean up a little, aching and excited to get home to Matt. The next day was Wednesday and Alysha had told me that we were headed to a Brewery Festival and then maybe up to the top of S mountain for one last fun adventure. I was down…but so sore! We woke up and laid around in bed while we watched the new Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”….(if you haven’t watched this yet…don’t…so…not…worth..it.) Then we went to lunch and headed up to S Mountain, this whole Brewery Festival thing a hoax now I understand but luckily I had forgotten about it by then. As we headed up the spiral trail to get to the top I thought about my poor legs and arms but also about how excited I was to get home tomorrow. It’s amazing how much you can miss a person after only 5 days apart. Makes me feel lame sometimes, toughin’ up Wilmot! You’ll see him soon in enough! Keep hiking….sore muscles, “Alysha whyyyyy, my elbows hurt, my freaking elbows” , “Come on Sierra we are almost there.” Alysha encouraged me on. As I rounded the second to last corner I started to see a guy sitting on a rock off to the side facing us. “He looks so much like Matt” I think to myself. “That’s so weird. But it can’t be Matt, I’m driving home tomorrow, I have cupcakes to deliver Friday…nope definitely not him.” I continue to think as I find my way around the guy. Alysha walks with me so I assume she didn’t think it was him so I guess it’s not and I’m hallucinating or something. Weird. “Hey Sierra” “Matt, what are you doing here?!” I said stunned it was actually him! “Hey I just wanted to come up here and surprise you that’s all, Alysha helped me out.” I look back at Alysha smiling. “Okay” I say with butterflies in my stomach, thinking, this is a big surprise just to “hang out” with me but okay. “Should we finish this hike and get to the top?” I say. Feeling speechless and like my brain won’t form words. We all start to walk forward and get to the top. Matt holds my hand, I’m still shaking from this crazy surprise. My mind is reeling…is he…going to ask…no way. His pockets are flat I think to myself. No way, okay phew that’s crazy…what if he is…OMG OMG OMG! Calm down Wilmot get it together! We get to the top and we all look out at the view for a few minutes and admire the town of Salida below. Then we make our way down. “Hey Alysha will you get a picture of Matt and I here?” I ask her. “Of course” she reaches her hand out and takes my phone, Matt quickly grabs it does something and hands it back….Alysha holds the camera up, Matt kisses me on the head and says, “I’ve got 1 more surprise for you before we go down the mountain.” Drops to one knee. Me: OMG OMG OMG “Matthew Dwight” I say to him. “Sierra Wilmot, will you make me the happiest guy in the world and Marry Me?” “Yes Yes, Of course I will” OMG OMG OMG OMG! WHAT IN THE WORLD!

“Was this your plan all along?”….he replies with a smile and I’m all over the place. Having been so nervous we both felt we had more to say so when we got into the car Matt gave me the speech he had rehearsed the whole 3.5 hour drive from the Denver airport and I stared at this new beautiful ring on my finger.

Never in a million years did I think he’d be in Salida….I feel I am an un-suprisable person and he did it. He surprised me. I was in shock pretty much all day, floating from brewery to brewery to our cute little Air BNB he got for the next couple nights to celebrate. We walked all over town with my camera to snap pictures, visited with my Aunt and Uncle and then last checked out the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. It was perfect. I could go on on about how awesome he is, and why after 3 years we decided to take the next step. BUT I won’t bore you with those details.

I drove him all the way home on Friday, wanting to finish my 22 hour round trip adventure and then we crashed exhausted. I spent my first day off yesterday in Barnes n Nobles laughing my butt off at Jamie Lee’s “Weddiculous” book while I dreamed about an early summer wedding that wasn’t at all Weddiculous. I think I’ll enjoy engaged life for a little while before I dive into the craziness that is wedding planning. I don’t want to rush past getting to use the word Fiance it’s pretty fun.

Now back to the journey at hand. Back from Colorado. On to the next post 🙂


-Sierra (a Fiance now) THAT’S CRAZY TO WRITE 🙂


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