Fates & Furries by Lauren Groff

fates and furriesA story told in 2 parts over 24 years first from husband then wife.
A tale of a successful marriage from both man and wife that is so polar opposite told in such an intellectual, perfectly worded, metaphorical wonderland! A little chilling at times with words that painted vivid imagery of the literary world Laren Groff created.

The Author really captured the essence of both the husband and wife. From their young, college, love at first sight esque shot gun marriage to adulthood. Through friendships, job failures, family matters and the skeletons they kept hidden. Lauren Groff nailed it. The love and obsession both physical and mental is visceral. Their awe of each other and also their secrets from each other. The choices they make to help one another and the lies they keep to save one another. I think at first it comes off as a love story, two people together against the world fated from the start, but then changes into one of life, dependence, and the truth under the surface. “Fate” told from the perspective of a love struck Lotto and “Furry” from a hardship struggled Mathilde. Life as we saw it in Part 1 may not be what you realize it was in Part 2. The beginning a bit slow but hold out for part 2 as the pages turn and the chasm opens into Mathilde’s mind. Lotto’s perspective of his wife translated into how she actually thinks, acts and feels changes and grabs you in a fist. I loved this book, it brought light to marriage and a side to it that often goes unspoken. It also shed some light on the drastic changes marriage takes from the first couple years into the 10+ years. Unstoppable love flows into comfortable companionship less physical but always mental while the beginning sparks dim into a simple flame. Through it all I think their love grew strong, what at first may have been purely physical morphed into a love that entwined these two deeply albeit with secrets left untold. They were a partnership, they were together, two puzzle pieces carved to make fit.

My Thoughts-Spoilers: My personal take is that they weren’t as in love as they were blindly obsessed with each other while they hid parts of themselves. Less Lotto and more Mathilde, she was the mastermind behind the manipulation whereas Lotto just loved her but he didn’t love the real Mathilde he loved who he thought she was. But even though there were secrets on Mathildes side, keeping him from family, friends etc. I think she wasn’t all fake she was real as well and that was loved too. I don’t think it is all her fault though I think this is also an example of Lotto’s failure too. He should’ve tried harder to see his Mother and not always take Mathilde’s avoidance. He was dumb in love and flew by her navigation and it took him where it did. He made it easy for her. Charlie was right, if had he spoken up, Lotto would have let him go and take Mathildes side. Placing a person on such a pedestal so soon is dangerous, but love is blind at times and people jump in and we can’t blame them for that. It just gets them where they are. Less friends, family and honesty but a beautiful love story in their mind as long as they don’t realize what happened. Read it!

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