Simplicity of Cider by Amy Reichert


Amy Reichert’s Simplicity of Cider is the epitome of Foodie Fiction, she has truly created a genre all her own. As soon as I started the first page I was drawn to buy cider at the grocery store immediately that week. Then again, and again. I liked Cider before but never like this it’s almost amazing how much her books make you want the food she writes about. This is the story of Idun’s Apple Orchard, Sanna’s Cidery, the magical looms on the property and the gifted father and daughter that run it. When two visitors arrive to help for the season it weaves a nice comfortable delicious tale. It is very easy to read, the twists and turns can be predictable at times but whimsical and beautiful. Amy’s use of imagery as she paints the orchard and trees she loves as well as her love for her father and growing love towards her new helping hands is evident and picturesque. I liked this novel it wasn’t a “can’t put it down” but it had me up late last night finishing the last 50 pages because I felt invested in the orchard and it’s future. Her character development is really well thought out as you easily understand Einars, Sanna’s father and his work hard day in and day out attitude. His weathered hands and devotion to the Orchard as well as his daughters Cider. Her brother Ander’s and his ambitious towards money and city life but love for his sister. Isaac’s down to earth personality, playful parenting side and his consistent conscious awareness made me feel like I related to him the most. Thad’s jealousy and annoyance as well as stupidity. Sanna’s quiet but thoughtful demeanor alongside her tough, outspoken and delicate persona. I loved reading about a character that did everything for herself. Finally a novel where the girl didn’t need any help. She knew her way around, what she wanted, how she was going to get it. A bit timid, stubborn and stuck in her ways at times but she was measured and calculated and didn’t need reassurance from anyone. That was refreshing. Sure, everyone needs saving in some way or another but not always in a damsel in distress type of way. The girl is tough! Without giving too much away I’ll say she just goes for what she feels is right and doesn’t think twice.

I love reading a book that makes your heart race and then diving into a book that just warms your heart and that’s what this book does. In the cold Northern Wisconsin town  of Door County with a tight knit father daughter duo running a family owned and operated Orchard the unconditional love and devotion is clear as day, with a warmth that spreads throughout each page. It’ll make you feel like taking a trip to door County ASAP. I never had an interest in visiting Wisconsin at all until reading Amy’s Coincidence of Coconut Cake and now this. This is definitely a perfect road trip/travel read. You won’t get sucked in so much that you miss the sights and seeing part of the vacation (…yeah that can be me sometimes) but you’ll have a quaint and cozy book to return to whenever you feel like it.


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