The More the Merrier

So this week marks 3 months until the big day! Crazy to think that, it felt like October was so far away from the wedding and now we are so close. The wedding process has been nothing like I imagined it to be. Its really exciting and fun but I have to constantly remind myself that societies expectations don’t have to be mine and that my perspective is my reality.  Weddings have been blown up so much in this day in age that I almost feel like the word wedding trumps the word marriage. How ironic right? But do you agree? From the very beginning I have wanted something that felt small. A small intimate ceremony between closest family and friends. Easy at first but very difficult too when the word small is the opposite of your circle of family and friends. We love a lot of people, we cherish relationships with a lot of people and to us and to them being apart of such a big day is important. So my perspective of small changed. Not a lot, but to me it feels like a lot. 80 to about 130. + 50 people because well, the more the merrier is what my Mom’s cocktail napkins always said when I was a kid, and she was right. Which is exactly the theme to our wedding. The more merrier. From flowers down to color choices down to any ideas anyone has had or wanted to contribute I say the more the merrier. When  I couldn’t decide on yellow, coral, blue, orange…I said the more the merrier! Why struggle with such tiny insignificant things. The most important thing isn’t the food, the dress, the napkins, or the music, its the people. All the people I love in one place at the same time. I can’t wait to hug my family members I haven’t seen in way to long. Dance with friends, and just be surrounded by all those connections. For decisions woven deep into the tapestry of our lives we are all connected in some way and the beauty about a wedding is a lot of people show up and that tapestry comes to life. That’s what has my heart over flowing the most lately. I have had so many people reach out, show up, be supportive, ask if they can help then ever before. I now think of a wedding as so much more than just a ceremony of two people joining in marriage but almost like a “coming home” from both sides. A welcoming into a new life together with the people around you opening up their arms to make their 2 homes bigger. Its not just about us, its so much bigger than us and every opportunity I have to bring people together is one I’ll cherish forever.

-Bride on the Brain,

Sierra Wilmot


One thought on “The More the Merrier

  1. How did someone so young become so wise? This wisdom did not come until recently for me. The love we feel for others is the same love others feel for us! I hope your wedding day is everything you hope for. Just know that 30 years later, marriage is even better!
    Love you Sierra!

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